ALERT : In order to maintain the health of clients during COVID-19, teletherapy service is now available by phone or online video platform.

There are many sound reasons why people choose therapy.

Some find therapy to be a safe place for deepening their self-awareness. Others find therapy useful for developing skills for improved coping. Additionally, there are those who find that therapy facilitates clearer communication with their loved ones.

Jordana Sternberg, MSW RSW, is a registered social worker who has witnessed, time-and-time again, the incredible progress that occurs when people are motivated for change.

Having worked in the field of mental health since 2004, Jordana is skilled at facilitating individual, couple, family, and group therapy for those impacted by :

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • loss
  • life transitions
  • relationship dynamics
  • stress
  • communication challenges
  • trauma (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)
  • addictions

Jordana is known for her compassionate client-centered approach to therapy. She prioritizes her clients’ goals and regularly assesses their comfort and safety during sessions. Her guiding belief in the human capacity for growth empowers her to support her clients in making the healthy changes they desire.

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